BRACKET ORDER for delivery trade needed

Could you also provide BRACKET ORDER for delivery trade, same as available in trading view, the time frame option (TIME IN FORCE) where we can provide the timeframe.
This feature will be very helpful for trader

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@RahulDeshpande @Anirudha Could you please have this a feature to have bracket order for delivery trade

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Hi @AKM ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Your suggestion of having Bracket order for delivery trade, has been noted. We will surely evaluate & let you know once we plan on implementing it.

Keep contributing to the Team Dhan!


Thanks @RahulDeshpande please try to implement this feature(Bracket Order for Delivery Trade), as gtt for sell side is not available for equity this feature of having bracket order for delivery trade will help a lot and I think it will be popular also.



@RahulDeshpande I hope Bracket order for swing trade will be implemented soon, looking forward to it

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+1 vote from me for this feature


@Dhan is there any chance to implement this feature request in near future

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Hi @AKM @SnehashisD

We will check the possibilities for such orders to enhance our integration with TradingView.


@Dhan I hope this feature will be available on Dhan in near future

Still we don’t have bracket order in delivery

Hi @sandip250382

We have received your feedback, and if we decide to implement this feature, rest assured, we will definitely keep you informed.

Hi @AKM @SnehashisD @sandip250382

We are now live with our latest feature forever OCO, kindly refer below link

@Dhan we need simple gtt order interface where we can mention the entry ,stop loss and target in one order not multiple orders that is one request we are making but its not implemented.

Also in bracket order it ask for ticks for target and stop loss , its not possible to count the ticks everytime, instead it should ask for the price.

also when I place a limit order from chart in dhan web it shows only buy order and not target and stop loss order.

Please make the interface simpler according to a trader need