Bracket order for options get executed instantly and not at said price

Hi Team,
When I added a bracket order for options say BANKNIFTY 44600 PUT at price above market value, This get instantly bought at current market price rather than waiting for the price which I have mentioned in the bracket order.
Can you please assist with below behaviour?

Hi @shb0390 welcome to Dhan community!

Currently, limit & market order is allowed as a first leg in the bracket order which means if you place a limit in the bracket order then your order will be executed at your desired price depending on the volume basis.

Whereas, if you place the order above the market price in first leg it will be executed on current market price. Feel free to Chat with us directly from the CS section of the App / Website or write us at for any queries.

Thanks for your reply, can you please explain a bit more.
My simple requirement is create a bracket order for option premium which should get triggered at my desired price with target and SL also configured.
If I open BUY in dhan , we have 5 tabs - Market,Limit,Trigger,Cover,Bracket
I click Bracket tab

  1. Enter lot
  2. Price (higher/lower than market price)
  3. Target (x points)
  4. SL (x points)
    When I do so, this gets executed instantly regardless waiting for market to come at my price given at point 2

For an example, for current market price 200, I put my bracket order as lot=1, price 250, target = 50, SL =50.
This gets executed instantly at 200 rather at 250 and as SL=50 which also gets triggered as its at SL point. :frowning:

Hi @shb0390,

Could you please DM me your details or email us at so we can get in touch with you to discuss the same.

I have come across the same issue. Moreover, in bracket order the quantities for eg banknify of 300 quantities within freeze limit are splitted into multiple of 15 (lot size) on sale side i.e 45, 150, 75, 30 unlike in Dhan TV if buy quantities is 300 sale quantities are same without split. Whenever the bracket order are placed even below the freeze limit, the same quantities are splitted resulting in more brokerage. I guess we expect 40 Rupees brokerage 20 each on buy & sale side for 1 trade below freeze limit but reality is just the opposite. Incase proof is required I will share the screenshots

Hi @Shyamkishore,

We have explained this scenario here -