Bracket order for options

Hi Team,

Some brokers are seeking approval from the exchange and providing bracket order for their users, is there any plan DHAN team can do the same.
Zeroda is providing GTT order for option trading any alternate options dhan team can provide for option trading users.

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Hi @Hemanthcj

We have bracket orders for Dhan, they are just disabled. If anything changes at exchanges in their view, there would be a circular of this - and we will enable this immediately.

On Forever orders for Options trading, coming up in next few days. It’s in final stages of development & testing.

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Hi @Hemanthcj,

Glad to inform, we are now live with Bracket Order for options :slightly_smiling_face:

Read more here: Brackets Orders for Options Trading on Dhan

Bracket Order seems to do not have option to place market order type