Bring update on gtt order system/function

This topic is created due to GTT order or FOREVER ORDER on dhan.

I have noticed that dhan has (forever order) with only buying order. As an swing trader our trades can take few days or few weeks to hit our target. So to set my target, i have to place FOREVER ORDER for sell side. And to protect from losses again i have to set FOREVER ORDER for stoploss.

Means for single stock three different orders have to be managed.

Now i am thinking what if i am buying 8 stocks at same time then 8 x 3 = 24 different orders (buy limit order/ stoploss order / target order.

After entering trades on 8 stocks, I have to manually go to the every order of stoploss and target to change the figures/values for trailing.

It’s taking too much time for me. As I am partnered with dhan as sub broker. My dhan clients are facing this issue too and mostly shifted to upstox DUE TO THIS REASON.

I have already used upstox, their functionality of GTT order works very beautifully. Meaning in single order (entry price/stoploss/target) all are available.

I have attached an SCREENSHOTS of upstox GTT ORDER

So I request to dhan, kindly think about about us (swing traders) as well.


THANK YOU @PravinJ Sir


Hi @Pradhan,

Thank you for providing valuable feedback. We appreciate your suggestions and will definitely consider adding OCO (One Cancels the Other) orders for the equity segment to enhance our users’ experience.

@Hardik this is what i wanted to share…

It would be great if all the order will be merged in single order just like upstox does.

It would be really helpful.

Hello @Pradhan

Yes. This feedback is with us and the team is working on it. You can expect this feature soon on our platforms.

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Hi @Hardik I do not want to spam the thread but just came to know that 5paisa also provide the same feature which upstox have !!!

Only single order everything is available on GTT/VTT.
Now this time my expectation are really high on this topic. And hoping to see the same feature which upstox and 5paisa are having.

I have also posted request for bracket order on both buy and sell side (swing trade) so we can place one order for each side like GTT , hope to get it soon on dhan

Hello @Pradhan and @AKM

Yes, as mentioned, we are already working on it.


@Hardik @dhan @PravinJ is it possible for dhan to extend the bracket order for delivery trade as it is providing for intraday as of now, the feature is already available for intraday what is preventing it to extend for swing trades and this will help many of the traders.

This feature (BO/GTT) along with trade directly from trading view will work like magic for swing traders.

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Yes you are right…
But i guess dhan has already noted on their road map! People like me would be more happy to see this feature.

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Hi @AKM @Pradhan

We already have your suggestion with us, we will surely evaluate this.


I guess one other thing that need to be worked upon is, I cannot place FOREVER ORDERS on the day of purchase as they are not in my demat. I have to place a regular stop loss order on the day of purchase and FOREVER ORDER on the next day.

Instead if a single order can be placed at the time of Initial BUY order with target and stop loss as OCO, that will be great.

Hope this is also going to be addressed soon with the enhancements that team is working on.

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Hi @ekveer

Once you receive the delivery, then only you can place a forever sell order, If you are trying to set a Forever order on the sell-side for a Stock that you do not have in your demat account - it will show you an error message - ‘Insufficient Quantity’.

At this moment, you will be able to place either target or stop loss in a forever sell order. Further, we have your feedback for OCO (Target & SL).

Yes @Divyesh, I understand that your current system lets me place a FOREVER order only once the stock is in demat account. You can let us place a FOREVER order on the day of purchase and do the validation (whether stock is either in demat or intraday position) at the time of trigger instead of ORDER PLACEMENT.

Your competitor ZERODHA lets you place a OCO FOREVER order for STOPLOSS AND TARGET at the time of INITIAL BUY ORDER only. Please see below image and highlighted section in RED rectangle.

This 1 single order makes life easy for swing traders or even long term investors who just wants to place a stop loss order at the time of their BUY order.

Expecting this kind of behavior or better from DHAN team.



This picture of zerodha is an regular order not an GTT order. Regular order expires within a day. Currently on zerodha, you have to first punch gtt order for buy then again punch GTT order (sell/sl) as OCO

If you have demat account on upstox or 5paisa. Just check their GTT function.

We can call thus EK TIR MEIN TIN NISANA :smiley:

GTT (BUY ORDER + SL +TARGET) in single order


Hi @ekveer

We have your feedback with us.


Agreed. Zerodha’s order is regular order.

Unfortunately, I dont have UPSTOX or 5paisa account to check but having GTT (BUY ORDER + SL +TARGET) in single order will be very nice.

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You can check first post above i have shared images of upstox and 5paisa.

Thank you for the nudge. Didnt pay much attention to those images when I read the thread in the beginning. They makes sense and hopefully Dhan provides that facility soon.

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Any update on 3 in 1 Forever order similar to upstock. It looks like Dhan is taking forever to implement it.

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