Brokerage Charges relatively high compared to Paytm Money


Can anyone tell me why the brokerage charges for Option Trading on Dhan are relatively on the higher side compared to Paytm Money?


Hi @mottled,

As a business - we do not compete on pricing, we focus on building a better product & customer experience in everything we do. Our CEO has shared views on broking industry and pricing here Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward

Really? Features:

  1. The app (on iOS) hangs so many times during the trading hours that I’ve to close and re-open it again.
  2. The option chain doesn’t load up on time. This happened today at 9:30 am when I had to close and re-open the app for almost 3-4 times.
  3. Today the website/app freezed for almost 5 min at 2:24 pm. Moreover, because of this glitch I couldn’t square off my current position in BankNifty PUT and finally incurred a loss on my trade.

Final Verdict: If the tech team doesn’t resolve these issues in a timely manner, I’m surely switching back to Paytm Money which has less features, less commissions too, far more speedy and doesn’t freeze during trading hours.