Bug in basket Order

Today I created a basket for Put Calendar For Nifty and Bank nifty.

After creation i tried to update the qty in basket.

It came to notice that Nifty quantity were in multiple of 25.

Than i have to deleted the basket and created new one to place the order.

Such things can cause huge losses to the User.

Afterwards i was creating a basket for USDINR, it came to notice that Quantities are not showing correct.

I request dhan team to pls take up such issues seriously. It can incur losses to user.

PFA snaps for reference

Quantities are multiple of 25 .

Taking of Banknifty.

Hey @bsjhala

We have checked and found our basket orders are working fine. Request you to check if you are on the latest version of Dhan app (1.0.31) once.

In case of reoccurrence, request you to drop an email at help@dhan.co with the screen recording video so we can have this checked on your specific scenario.

Please refer the Sanpshots attached in above post.

Quantity for Nifty and USDINR option is showing in multiple of 25.

I am using the latest updated version of App.

Following are the observations :

On creating fresh basket Qty is coming correct refer snap below:

If user want to change the Qty in basket than issue is coming

Qty is coming in multiple of 25

Refer snapshot below

Don’t try to check in BNF as lot size is already 25 try in nifty , USDINR .:sweat_smile:

Pls check at your end.

Create a basket , then try to change qty .
You will able to find out the bug.

Pls chk and rectify the same

Hi @bsjhala

We have tried creating fresh basket & changing the Qty, and it is working fine. Here is video for your reference. It will be more helpful if you can share screen recording video of your scenario with us at help@dhan.co so we can check further.

Basket Order Modify

Bug is still persisting.

Pls do the following
Create a basket with instrument other than banknifty. Saveit.
Now try to modify the quantity .It will show in multiple of 25 .

Pls check and revert.

My app is updated and i checked number of times.

Pls check and rectify on priority basis

Hi @bsjhala

As said, we have replicated the same and it is working fine at our end. Request you to email us at help@dhan.co with the screen recording video so we can have this checked on your specific scenario. Also, please mention your community details on email.


Pls refer to above Clip.

Pls note that , on updating the qty in basket , it is updating in multiple of 25.

Hi @bsjhala,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting this checked.

Hi @bsjhala,

This is fixed now, do check and let us know.


I have raised this issue multiple times ,but its still persisting.

I dont why Dhan team could not find it.

It shd be checked twice or thrice before confirming that issue is resolved.

Let me once again explain the issue.

Create a basket
Add scrips other than bnf
Save it, go out of the basket somewhere else.
Come back to basket again,
Try to modify the quantity, it will be multiple of 25.

I would have not raised it , if confirmation was done from your end.

Hi @bsjhala

As per the confirmation on call today, your query related to basket order modify quantity has been resolved.

In case, if you face it again do write us back so we can connect on a gmeet to address accordingly.


I checked the same on your new Dhan App(looking awesome :sunglasses:).

Issue seems to be resolved.

Will revert in case issue is faced .