Bug in Dhan Web


Bug in Dhan web.
Kindly chek below video

I’m using Win 10 with latest chrome.
My cache is auto-cleared everytime my browser restarts, so there’s no caching issue at all.

This is an issue previously reported also, but it still persists.


Hi @som079,

We are getting this checked and will update you soon.

Hi @som079,

Request you to help us with your preferred time for a video meet via DM to address this with our concerned team.

Looking forward to the session.

This issue is something happens during the day when I’m using dhan.

When I do a fresh login, dhan web is generally fine.
Doesn’t happen everytime

Since I can’t recreate the issue on demand, there’s no point in a video meet.

Also, I reinstalled my windows recently.
And my browser is set to auto clear cache upon restart

So it has nothing to do with that.

Again, today same issue.
After a refresh & Login/logout the issue got resolved

But it shouldn’t happen in the first place!

Hi @som079,

As per our discussion on call, request you to connect us on real-time basis if the error occurs. You can call at 022-4890 6273 or initiate the chat.

Hi @Poornima
Another new issue in Dhan web.
I informed the customer support also via chat.

When I minimise the website, and then maximise the browser window, the LTP of the strike shows initially as 68 and then suddenly becomes 63
The actual market price is 63.
68 is the wrong price.

Happened multiple times this morning with different strikes & diff prices

And, the usual logging in/out and refreshing hasn’t helped :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of it

(Update at 1030am)
Even after sending the video, I get the usual standard reply (Below) :slight_smile:

Last time when there was a refresh issue, I was told the same thing.
But when I posted here in the community, multiple other users also said they’re facing the same issue :slight_smile:

Kindly look into it!

05-05-2023 10_35_28-Dhan - Customer Service

Hi @som079

Whenever you minimize the tab the web socket for the particular tab gets disconnected and whenever you maximize the same tab again, it shows the previous value.

So we recommend you in such a scenario do a hard refresh and then re-connecting back to our servers in the background and then charts will be rendered when data transfer is reestablished.

This creates another issue. Let’s say I have few tabs open for different scrips. Let’s assume, one for RIL, another for SBI and still another for TCS. And let’s further assume the current active tab is RIL one.

Now, if I minimise the window, the socket gets disconnected (as mentioned by you) and after that I maximise the windows again and go to SBI’s tab and now to get actual data back, I should do hard refresh (again mentioned by you) but what happens here is that hard refresh loads the RIL’s chart because that was the last active one.

This will happen in TCS’s tab also, if we refresh that too.

This isn’t a problem when 2-3 tabs are open but it is huge problem when more number of tabs are open for tracking purposes and more specifically when different scrips are being tracked in different layouts.

I also know the reason. This happens because Dhan opens charts in generic address version:


No matter what is the scrip, address bar will only show tv.dhan.co. So, when hard refresh is done, it reverts the refreshed tab to generic address version of latest scrip used.

A better solution would be as Zerodha handles this issue. For e.g., below image shows the address bar for Concor:

but when I change scrip from Concor to SBI, the address bar changes:

This resolves the issue that I’m talking about. No matter how many tabs are open, if we do hard refresh, we will always get the refreshed tab scrip only due to specific address bar.

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With all due respect to Dhan’s team, what is really required is an overhaul of the UI/UX.
The interface is still found lacking in many aspects for a trader.

Look at all my previous posts, and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

What you’ve mentioned is a temporary fix.
Not an actual solution.

And this issue I’ve noticed for the first time in using Dhan daily for many months.
So that’s another point to note.

hi @Shally we will work towards a solution for this. It’s does not happen the way you mentioned, you will notice that the websockets continue to be connected for a very long time unless there is flip in connectivity when the disconnection happens. Issue in the video is different from what you have mentioned - we will have loading components change for that particular value.

Can’t compare this with the competition you have mentioned… web.dhan.co and tv.dhan.co are two different platforms / applications all-together and so is ot.dhan.co.

have mentioned the technicalities behind web-sockets here @Shally @som079

Agreed Sir. Competition was given for reference only.

Further, I do agree that websockets keep connected for a very long time. However, most modern browser have a feature called tab-discarding. They automatically discard a tab after certain duration. The scenario I mentioned frequently occurs in those situations.

Also, another situation which I faced is that let’s say I have few tabs open and then I lock the PC and go away for few minutes. In that time, data on tabs doesn’t reflect properly. Again, to resolve data issue, I have to do hard-refresh and this leads to the situation that I mentioned.

Again, I would reiterate that whenever I mention or use anything from competition, it is just for reference purposes and not to say that that is the only optimum solution.


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