Bug on the TradingView Charts display of Profit/ Loss post Trade

Hello Team ,

Bug on Tradingview charts that it shows a incorrect Profit/Loss post the trade.
Its showing a variance of 376 RS from what prices Buy order is place and where the current LTP is.
Please see the attached image the order was placed on 45.5 and current Market prices is 46
which +50p and with lot of 50 profit should be +25 Rs however it shows as +401.5 not sure based on what price this was calculated however this gives a very wrong view to chart traders , as we may think we can close position on profit however the realty is it might close on loss.
Ofcourse Super traders are watching the price and know its incorrect however its still should be corrected as its misleading.

Hi @vicktor, welcome to Dhan community. Request you to connect with Customer Care on help@dhan.co for team to look at all trades and check the details.

On TradingView, the active P&L shown on charts is always the P&L of open positions, and if multiple trades have been taken in that script - it will be the average P&L of all trades.