Build with Dhan: Request Indicators you want us to add on TradingView (

Could you please add Initial Balance (IB) indicator?

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RSI diversion indicator


PCR indicator on chart

Delta divergence indicator

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5-15 min intraday future builtup (LB,SC,LU,SB with color) like this

Please add super scalper 15 and 5 minutes in trading view indicator

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please add intuitional zone indicator

  1. Halftrend
  2. Relative strength of stock with ma
  3. multi timeframe indicators like rsi,ichimoku

Please add “pivot points high low” indicator that will be beneficial for both swing and positional trader.

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Please add this indicator for traders please i request you

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UT Bot alerts & Linear Regression Candles


Please add Option Scalper V2 indicator

Hi, not an indicator request.

Was just hoping if the Dhan TV icon could be added here as well (besides chart icon as in the watchlist section), would be easier to analyse directly on TV. Thanks.

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  1. Dynamic linear regression channels

  2. UT Bot by Yo_adriiiiaan,

  3. Nadaraya-Watson Smoothers [LuxAlgo]

  4. RSI Divergence (Pine 4)

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Hi Rahul,

Thanks for giving the opportunity to provide the requirement what we need on Trading View charts (Tv.dhan). The basis feature of Price alert from chart itself is missing. To place price alert for multiple stock, need to shift between web.dhan and tv.dhan which is time consuming.

Could you please ask your team to add Price alert feature on tv.dhan and thanks for the buying and selling feature on tv.dhan.

Thank you for asking suggestion for new indicators.

Please consider my request for adding below new indicators. The code for indicators is available in the respective links.

  1. Multi time frame VWAP with standard deviation bands - Multi-Timeframe VWAP — Indicator by mortdiggiddy — TradingView

  2. RSI plotted as candles - RSI Candles [cI8DH] — Indicator by cI8DH — TradingView

  3. Ability to change SOURCE in bollingerbands. I would like to apply BB to RSI candles in 2nd point above

please provide alert on chart likh tradingview

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Requested earlier. Please provide alerts on Dhan TV chart. Also try to provide alert notifications on chart screen as a pop up window with notification sound.

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Please Add

==> UT Bot by Yo_adriiiiaan [ UT Bot — Indicator by Yo_adriiiiaan — TradingView]

==> Nadaraya-Watson Smoothers [LuxAlgo]
[Nadaraya-Watson Smoothers [LuxAlgo] — Indicator by LuxAlgo — TradingView]

=== > Dynamic linear regression channels


Pls. Add Indicator of Pivot boss 1 and Pivot Boss 2 by mukkull… its CPR with Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.