Build with Dhan: Request Indicators you want us to add on TradingView (

Dear Team could you please add ‘High Low Bands’ indicator on This indicator is not a community scrip and is already available on chartIQ. I would like to use it on charts

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  1. Yeah I am also looking for multi time frame RSI indicator - minimum 3 time frame set at individual RSI length as per the user need.

  2. Straddle, Strangle, Combo charts : any number of Strike price to be combined as per user need with Oi & PCR details on chart would be amazing. I am going nowhere if it comes. Like we can see on algotest & Instaoptions by Fyers.

  3. as there is volume profile (visibile & fixed) range : some user above requested anchored volume profile

  4. Similarly OI profile like recently Sensibull gave., but it should also come with Anchored OI profile with fixed & visible range OI profile option.

  5. turnover options indicator : like there is accumulation/distributor indicator.

  6. There should be Turnover profile as well : with Fixed, visible & anchored range for options : something which Quantstower ODX indicator is doing.

  7. Since there are so many indicator libraries in Dhan with TV charts - pages at the initial opening moments are taking time as compared to other brokers - so plz speed up that.

You will be super-awesome sky high flying with your userbase then :wink: .


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Trend Intensity Index

Pls add this Indicator, this ia a very old request.

Please add Anchored VWAP as a part of Drawing Tool (similar to that of TradingView). It is easier that way to draw multiple anchors of the chart.

Can you please provide Darvas box indicator. It is a well known indicator and not a proprietary thing that you cannot implement. What do you think?

Average daily range (Adr)
Trend intensity

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@PravinJ Hi!

Multi timeframe option on all indicators. We should be able to change the TF of indicators to higher or lower as required on the same TF of the chart we are currently using. This feature is already available on tradingview site.

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I’m not asking for indicator but rather a scrip that’s available on other versions (normal version) of TradingView like “NIFTY MICROCAP 250 index” is currently unavailable on Dhan version TradingView. Last time i checked it was showing error but when i check this time it’s totally missing. Hope it’s available again (without error) this time :slight_smile:

Dear dhan team thanks for giving timely updates.
One request please update tv.dhan option chain interface with high oi and high vol labels like mobile version.