Buildup data on option itself

It would be a very wonderful feature to have BUILDUP data on option chain itself.

Most inevitably required to make appropriate decisions whether to go for Long/Short in a position or even to quit wisely.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

The OI buildup data at dhan is a 15min snapshot with time trail. Your feedback is noted. We will evaluate and try to incorporate in our roadmap.

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Hey @Naman ,

Despite being intraday data, is there any specific reason OI Build-up data is not auto-refresh?

It would be of great help to traders, who wants to use this data, if data is auto-refreshed in realtime without page refresh. You may think of providing enable/disable switch for auto-refresh.

Apart from auto refresh,

  1. Fresh and Square-Off OI doesn’t need be in decimal.
  2. Net OI (difference between Fresh and Square-Off OI) can be more meaningful if provided.

Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Any comments?

Hi where do i find the oi buildup data. Not able to see it. Can you guide

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Hi @amit

Feedback noted, since this is 15 min snapshot so we haven’t kept it auto refresh. But yes, we will try to incorporate it if this adds significant value for dhan traders.

Hi @Maverick You can find the OI buildup on any futures page > simply type NIFTY JAN FUT > select the result > Company page will open > Select 15Min Build Up.

Hope this helps!

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But what about option data can we see an oi buildup there too and also when oi gets updated every 3 mins why are we doing it on 15 mins

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Hi @Naman ,

At least, should Dhan not correct the format explained in the 1st point?

Also, the 2nd point is not something way difficult to implement.

Need less to say that, now the same screen is being copied to Dhan Web Options Trader as well.


Hello @amit

We have noted your feedback on this already. At the moment, we are working on enhancements across our platforms while focusing on our core trading product as well. Even on Dhan Options Trader Web, we are constantly optimising our Payoff charts and other features.

Rest assured, we will evaluate this and work on enhancing this.

Kindly also provide
Open = High as OH
Open = Low as OL
Near strike price.

Noted. This is already on our roadmap, and we will be adding this soon.

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Yes, agree. Net OI difference if provided then it would be little more helpful. Right now i’m remembering it by %OI Difference. Not big issue. But if provided then very nice.