CA update issue

CA section is not properly being updated.

  1. PTC has ex-date of 15th Dec,2022 of which BC date is 30th Dec,2022. It has not being updated yet.

  2. SUKHJIT STARCH & CHEMICALS LTD has ex-date of 15th Dec,2022 of which BC date is also same as ex-date. It has not being updated yet.

  3. Cosmo First Ltd has announced buy back of which ex-date is 13th & record date is 14th of this month. It has not being updated yet.

  4. Narmada gelatine is going ex-date on 19th of this month with special dividend of Rs.100 each. The stock is touching upper circuit back to back two trading sessions. Today this information on CA section have been updated yet BSE website has this info updated since 3 days prior. I didn’t bother about checking it then because I didn’t think a 200 rupee stock will announce 100 rs dividend. When I saw this on CA section today, it has gone out of hand already.

P.S- On 13th Dec,2022 according to CA section, Tembo Global Sol & Pulz electronics are going ex-date of which BSE website has no information about. Are you using different data source…if yes, can I get access to it?

Thank you.

Hi @aritra we update the CA section every morning as we get the data from our vendor. If you check now, the above mentioned is updated already. However, we are working towards increasing this frequency.

Tembo Global Sol & Pulz Electronics are NOT listed on BSE and hence this information cannot be found there.

The data vendors providing this information specifically work under B2B segment. Also, a bit of processing is also done at our end so that you can get to see the information in a clear way.

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