Can I create my own indicator using pine-script in Dhan provided TradingView account?

Hello community group,

I have my pine-script developed code in TradingView. Can I use the same pine-script code (i.e my own indicator) using Dhan’s provided TradingView account ?

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No you cant do that here

Hi @raju823

Welcome to Dhan community. Pinescript editor is not extended to the hosted library we have on In case you want to user your own strategy on TradingView, you can use Dhan to execute your strategy via webhooks provided by Dhan for Free.

More about this here: Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

If you want to execute basket strategy, then refer to this: Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView

HI Pravin,
There are several community indicator that i am using for trading in tradingview. I am unable to see the same in trading view connected to my dhan account. is there any solution to dhar.

Hi @acchavda

TradingView keeps a few of its features exclusive only to its product and does not extend them to its partners.

in this case We are unable to see Option data ??

this is very annoying.

How could we trade without seeing anything.

atleast alow us to use our pine scipt in dhan platform.

we are paying to Trading view lots of money for that.

I think there is some dispute in Dhan and TradingView, How we see Option in Tv.dhan ?? How it Not Possible to see in Direct TradingView ??

Because tradingview doesn’t provide option data.


tv.dhan is hosted at Dhan side and is powered by datafeed from exchange. It uses the charting library provided by TV to third parties like dhan. But that charting library doesn’t have all the features provided by native TV. Dhan or any other broker cannot do anything about it. Only TV can do something about it. But they are unlikely to do so since the native TV platform will lose it’s competitive advantage.

Extending Dhan to TradingView sans PineScript functionality raises questions about the necessity. Although TradingView offers free access to two indicators, direct order placements via Webhook Alerts from Dhan necessitate a subscription, negating the costless aspect. This situation prompts inquiry into the essence of integrating Dhan with TradingView.

Without the full PineScript feature set, the primary purpose remains unclear. While some functionalities are complimentary, the pivotal integration for order placement via Webhook Alerts necessitates a subscription, potentially challenging the rationale for extending Dhan to TradingView. Consequently, a thorough evaluation is warranted to discern the true value and implications of such an integration lacking the core PineScript attributes.

For me Dhan integration with TV via webhook has been a game changer. It helps us to place orders using our custom scripts in TV. It does come at a cost (on TV side) but not too much relative to the benefit we get out of it.