Can I place sell limit order of SME shares in Pre-Open session through Dhan?

Can I place limit order for selling my allotted SME IPO shares in dhan in pre-open session between 9 am to 9:45 am which will be executed after 10 am on SME IPO listing ? We can sell SME IPO shares in Pre-Open session in Zerodha Upstox etc. Can We do that in Dhan too ? Anyone tried ? There is less liquidity after Pre-Open session in SME market.

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Hi @godstar,

We don’t have SME IPO offered on Dhan. but it’s definitely an idea we can come back to when we are adding features to the latest version.

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Yes I agree , we can’t apply SME IPO through dhan. But as far as I know & Dhan Customer Executive told, the buying & selling of SME shares are active in dhan . I want to know if I got allotment of sme shares which is applied via bank ASBA IPO application , Can I sell the sme shares in Pre-Open session through Dhan? Kindly check again with Team.

Yes @godstar,

The buying and selling of SME IPO are active on Dhan. but, please note that while applying through ASBA bank if you have added Dhan’s Demat account only then the allocated share can be sold.

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Can I sell these sme shares in pre-open session ? I am asking as Groww doesn’t support selling shares in pre-open but zerodha & upstox support selling in pre-open session. @Kiran

Yes, You can sell the shares in the pre-open session.