Can I squre off Put sell position before expiry?

Suppose, I sold 1 lot TATAMOTOR PUT
Before expiry I feel
Either I have already enough profit
or my stop-loss got hit

Can I square off my position immediately
or is their any rule I must hold it certain days or certain period of time please reply

Hi @Subhajitpanja ,

Incase of OTM contracts, the position will be settled worthless at 0 from the exchange if not closed on an expiry day. You can square-off this based on your profit or loss.

For ITM contracts, the position will be physically settled assuming you maintain full contract value for receiving delivery of shares and in case of insufficient funds, our RMS team will square-off the margin shortfall position.

Just to add, in order to buy and/or hold any ITM (In the Money) strike price of stock option during last week (expiry week), the extra delivery margin is applicable. Read more in our RMS policy here

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