Can i use pledged margin to buy stocks in MTF

Hi, i have ETFs pledged under dhan, and already got margin against that, can i use that margin to buy stocks in MTF and hold them.

@kkbatra The margin you got against ETFs can be used to enter the trade. However, when the settlement happens you need to pay for your securities in CASH. The same rule applies for MTF trades as well, except for the fact the partial funding in MTF is done by Dhan.

Understand this way - You have ETFs worth 10k (post haircut). We call this as Collateral.
To buy any stock, you need to have a margin of around 25% - This could be in CASH or Collateral.
Stock ABC is trading at Rs. 1000
You place an order to buy 40 shares.
First Check: Does client have sufficient margin?
(40 x 1,000 = 40,000). Margin available is 10,000. Hence, trade is allowed.
Now on the day of settlement, you need to pay the trade value in CASH and thus your trade will be complete.
Under MTF for the same order, you would need to pay 10k in CASH and 30k we will fund you (again in CASH)

Hope this helps you to understand how is collateral different from CASH.