Can we have a special feature called "Palti Maar" 😉 For Option Buyers ? where we can shift our Buying position FROM "CE to PE" or "PE to CE" in just one click?

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Can we have a special feature called “Palti Maar” :wink: For Option Buyers ??? :wink: :heart_eyes: :heart: :pray:

where we can shift our Buying position FROM “CE to PE” or “PE to CE” in just one click ??(may be industry first feature among famous brokers :wink: )

why need ?? just like reverse Position, it’s the need for option buyers when at the breakout or breakdown time or i would say false breakout or breakdown time… we need it the most…

“CE to PE” and “PE to CE” palti maar feature can be utilize for the same instrument only e.g. if we have selected our already have position in banknifty CE option and touch 1 click palti maar feature it should exit (sell) that CE Option and Enter(buy) into PE option.

Here you guyz’s can give prior settings window like if a person want’s similar strike price , similar qty or how much or similar premium price range (±10%) or any other specific strike price. such options in settings can be set before initiating any trades… then Palti maar feature can be used & will show his magic for scalpers and option buyers… a good feature for advance broking company like Dhan. :heart_eyes:

Believe me “One click palti maar” feature can be one of the best tool for option buyers and have different marketing impact and impression among famous brokers. :heart:


This already have into Dhan, please take a look here for more information

Hi @onkar

will this reverse position work as a option buyer only? I though this feature was to go from option buyer position to a option seller position and vice versa.

I think @Varsha777 is only looking from a option buyer perspective. That is if bought a CE then reverse it to PE and viceversa as a buyer only.



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Hi @Varsha777, @rustam,

We understand the requirement and how this can be beneficial. We have received this feedback in the past as well, and it is on our feedback dashboard.

We build for our users and would definitely evaluate feasibility for this feature. :+1: