Can we use trading view connect dhan with all indicator of trading veiw

dhan me trading veiwki sari facility kase use kare

Hi @sushilkedia,

Dhan’s TradingView features and capabilities are listed over here: Dhan + TradingView - Access TradingView Charts Live for FREE

If you want to trade on TradingView directly, in that case you can connect to Dhan via TradingView panel, more on that is here: TradingView Connect Broker - Connect Dhan to Trading Panel

i m unable to use bar replay although it is feature provided.

Hello @killedar.amit

The screenshot that you shared is from where you can connect Dhan as a broker and trade from there. Features such as bar replay is available on TradingView platform and may come with a subscription.

But you can explore a lot of these features on as well, and you can check a details here - Dhan + TradingView - Access TradingView Charts Live for FREE.