Can't add Bank account

Everything was going smooth in account creation. BUT…
I tried selecting “Add money” and it shows me options to select between UPI and Net Banking. I select any of them, but get no response. No error, nothing…
Ok fine, it’s a new platform, so bugs are acceptable. So, I went ahead and tried adding bank account.
I added my a/c no. and viola, it shows “Bank limit exceeded”. Now that is not acceptable even for new platforms. (Not that new anymore).
Hoping to get it fixed so that I can even start using trading/investing platform.
But this experience is already holding me back as it is a finance-related platform. Nobody wants to see such kind of bugs where you can lose your hard-earned money just because some intern pushed their partially-tested code to finish the feature within deadline.

I would suggest to work on very basic functionalities first before throwing a plethora of features.

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Hi @mark3tn00b, firstly, welcome to Dhan community!

We sincerely apologize that you had to face this. This error is actually a failsafe in case multiple bank accounts are added in a short period of time, to preserve sanctity and security of your account. However, the way it was displayed to you was incorrect.

Could you kindly share your registered email ID at or and I’ll personally get this sorted asap!

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds good to me!
The customer support was helpful and I am able to deposit money now :slight_smile:

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