CDSL Currently Down. Regular Processes Impacted

CDSL Currently Down. Regular Processes Impacted.

Dear All,

I am writing to inform you that CDSL has been down since 18-11-2022 due to a technical issue. Because of this, the following processes are impacted/delayed:

  1. Settlement Processes (Securities Payout & Early Pay-in process)

  2. Holding & Portfolio Update

  3. MTF OTP process for Trades dated 18-11-22

  4. MTF Pledge not created for trade dated 16-11-22

  5. Margin Pledge Process

  6. Other exchange reporting processes

  7. Funds Payout Process has been stopped

  8. KYC onboarding process

While this can be concerning, we want to ensure that you have complete clarity into the situation. That’s why we have been in constant communication with CDSL - the party whose system is down - to ensure that we get regular updates which can be communicated to you.

As per our recent conversation with them, we are expecting an update from CDSL today. We will keep you posted and suggest you bookmark this post for further updates.

Updated: As per update from CDSL, the system will be available from 11 am onwards.
The settlement processes are expected to be completed by 9 pm.


Rajesh Jain