Change is stock price/ percentage over different time period


This seems like a bug, on the top of chart it’s shows stocks P&L along with percentage.

But the problem is it’s remain the same, even after changing the time period.

Please check the attachment

Hi @HumaKhan Nope this isnt a bug, it is designed to be that way. We show only the LTP on the stop. When you move the slider on the timeframe, it loads the chart for that time frame to give users a perspective of price trend.

Dear @PravinJ thanks for prompt response, I will take back my bug comment.

It’s just my opinion/feedback as a user it’s confusing because it’s remain the same even with different time frame.

If it’s changes with different time frame, as a user I will know how much a perticular stock has moved
In last 1 year, 5 year or 1 months.

Thanks :pray: