Change of Referral Code

I have created my Dhan account via some random guy Referral Code which i got from YouTube.

Recently my brother has also open his account in dhan . And i was thinking will it be possible to change my mapped referral to his.

That way whatever brokerage i generate , 20% of same will be transfer to my brother’s account.

I spoke with your customer care but they declined my request.

Hi @Satyam, unfortunately this is not possible. Our accounting systems are mapped for these, and we can’t change. At the max, we can only de-link from the code - that will also be a special consideration. We don’t like to tinker with our systems and even this will be an exception.

I want to de-link my account from the referral account
Can you please tell me the process

Hi @P_Trader,

Welcome to Dhan Community!

We would request you to drop us an email at will check the feasibility with our team to de-link the referral code.

Thanks Pravin for your response.
I won’t trouble Dhan with delinking the referral code. Let that person enjoy the benefits…whereas i enjoy my profits :slight_smile: