Change% since added to Watchlist in Web


In the Watchlists, there is a very intuitive feature in App which is missing in Web. In app, it shows change % since you add a script to the watchlist. Sometimes, I need to switch to the app to check that, as it lacks in the Web. I would like to see that in Web and I think that will be useful for everyone.

See the difference between these 2 screenshots.

Missing Change% since added in Web

Hi @indianets Welcome to Dhan community.

Yes we are aware of this, had tried this however the form factor of web does not allow adding this feature. It becomes extremely cluttered and takes away attention, specially cause on web experience the watchlist is always visible on the left hand side.

We are improving usability on web, so most unlikely that we will extend this feature to web in the near future.

Hi @PravinJ Thank you for your quick reply and the insight on this.

I understand the possible clutter, but that can be switched on/off with a simple toggle in profile if someone wants it simple (like how it is) or want informative in 1:1 feature parity with the Apps. This feature is very useful and addictive, and it feels like Web is not complete without this. Though, web has its own pros, this would be a strong con while comparing usability.

I would request you to reconsider this after a discussion/vote internally or with community.

Thank you. All the best!