Chaos, confusion and clutter

I guess mine would be the shortest stint with Dhan; 2 trading sessions.

The app hung, the web crashed, strategy builder showed absolutely corrupt data.

I guess Dhan should really re-evaluate their business strategy.

Too many offerings on such a weak backbone of tech are just creating chaos, confusion, and clutter.

I would not hesitate to say that the simplicity of Zerodha and its strong tech is something that will help them hold their customers for long.

Please re-evaluate @PravinJ
Why ain’t you taking it slow and steady? Why do you have to roll out so many features when the essentials are either missing or not working appropriately?
People aint going for features but benefits.
Why do you have to roll out strategy builder when it is so inaccurate?
App freezing. I mean this is pretty sad!


already 2 years done ,are enough to make stable system but look like they don’t want to . they are saving money by giving by using cheap poor services .

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I am using Zerodha since late 2013 and they also had a fair share of downtimes. Search on Twitter, you will find. Comparing the early days of Zerodha and same of Dhan, I can say Dhan is way ahead. And of course, it will take time to catch up but Zerodha was horrible for many traders during earlier days - No BSE stocks, very complex all before KITE.

Agree to you all other points.

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@encore - In Tech people learn from other’s mistakes. With such elite competition around, you can’t justify app being crashed during market hours. I have not heard about such long downtimes in ICICI direct or Fyers for that matter. In 2013 tech was still evolving, Zerodha was venturing a new space, solved new challenges. Flipkart also crashed during Big Billion days because of unexpected load.

Mighty Dhan on the other hand is crashing in 2023 with people’s open positions. If Dhan is not market ready they should accept and fix it.

1 - Failing is okay, crashing is still okay, but not able to fix it in the same trading session is not acceptable. - the turn around time to fix an issue shows their competence.

2 - They crashed twice in 2 months, If they can’t learn from their own mistakes then they will not stay in the market.

I have used Dhan extensively for the last 1 year and it always had some or the other issue going on. I have at times lost money and gained more money than I should have because of their inconsistencies but then eventually moved away from it and use it only for charting.

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Just one recent instance


Fyers - FYERS suffers technical glitch causing nervous moments to traders - The Hindu BusinessLine

Tech that crashed until they upscaled. Also there was a recent one related to BSE. Also keep citing examples of google and amazon without compensating clients.

No broker is immune to tech snags. Dhan has shown acceptance, demonstrated accountability and shown willingness to compensate the customer. That is a refreshing change from the practices of peers in the broking industry.

Hence the number of trades as shown and rooting for Dhan


The best thing about Dhan is that are showing willingness to compensate the customers. Zerodha never did. Period.

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Dear friends, @encore @dsc @Bhaskarsingh @Devil @t7support

My apologies - I had been away for past few days, our teams will do everything possible to make sure we are back to providing seamless services that we promise. We have 2000+ queries, and every customer issue will be responded to, and our teams will ensure their satisfaction. Our teams are already on this.


YES this is TRUE.

Nithin replies there its true…but its usually for glithces etc.
Zerodha FEEDBACK reception of features requests etc is ABSOLUTELY ZERO. They are a blind eye to client feedbacks.

DHAN has made its name slowly and is taking 20rs brokerage TOO and has good investor backing …even then WHY DHAN TECH is so laggy is a mystery.

Are they not paying their software team properly ? Is electricity supply to their data centre office irregular ? Dont’ they have sufficient number of CODERS to manage tech issues ?

Why they aren’t investing on hiring more DATA SERVERS etc to cater to increasing load of customers ?

SUCH technical glitches with such a dynamic IT STARTUP raises questions on our BOAST of being the IT CAPITAL of the world.

Dhan is providing many features , happy to have all these, but the focus should be on traders need

we hope dhan will compensate our losses for the open trade equity positions, @PravinJ

Currently all friday intraday orders are shown as normal. Am hoping these will be exited by Dhan within first 10 minutes tomorrow. Is my assumption right ?

@PravinJ @Dhan_Cares @Naman

Guess u didn’t loss anything when dhan crashed… This particular topic is regarding 14 August mishap. Better not to potrai ur personal views here. M a low capital trader and it matters to me alot. Plz do this somewhere else…

Dhan is down again, Can’t see my portfolio as well. @PravinJ

Hi everyone @Devil @Sandeep23 @SatheeshK1

Apologies for all the inconvenience that caused to you till now. I wanted to reiterate on few things:

If you had any intraday position, which remained open & outstanding, our team is trying to close it in the Post-close session for Equity-cash segment. In case the intraday positions couldn’t get squared off in Equity segment, the position gets converted into delivery and shall be closed on 17th of August (as 16th is Bank Holiday ). For F&O positions (except FINNIFTY positions expiring today) which were created for intraday and could not get squared off, our team has squared off the position from our end.

Additionally, if you have faced losses because of the issues, request you to please send a mail on ( if you haven’t yet, if you have already sent a mail with details please dont send it again ) with details and we will surely evaluate the compensation.

Be assured our team will reach out to you.

@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ

Deleting feedback is such a bad practice. Period.

hi @Bhaskarsingh Putting up private messages and conversations on this forum is not expected behavior for this forum. There are multiple bots we have in place that auto-moderate + manual interventions. We have stated couple of times that for help and support, our Customer Service is available, same can be reached via Despite that we continue to support our users as much possible.

The purpose of community is to help build together. The harshest of feedbacks we get on this community we have acted upon. Your past feedback on smallcase was also acted upon. However at some point we also have to ensure we keep the community and platform intact, it has helped us build our platform.

Private messages?

I just shared the screenshot of my communication with the support staff.
I wonder if it falls under private messages and conversations.

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