Chart loading very slow

Dear dhan

When ever I open any stock. Chart taking 10-20 sec. To Load …
Even I’m using High speed broadband.
very annoying
Please look this matter…


Hi @AKR11292 We have improved charts experience a lot over the past year. Request you to share a video of this with our team on, will review this.

Yes i did experience it
Need some improvement

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I too face the same issues, typically in the morning time 9.15 to 9.30, it’s very very slow.

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Hi @Jigar @Shivakumar @AKR11292 - Yes, we received this feedback from some users today this morning where load times were in excess of 15 sec, to be on safer side we increased the server instances to our charting services immediately. This setup continues now, and we will observe it over the next few days.


I am facing same lag but during early morning sessions. Typically around 9:15 to 9:30. First I thought it was just my problem but I have seen some live traders who use Dhan trading view having the same issue like invest for wealth that is when I come to realise that it is not only my problem but a lot of other people are having same problem

We are monitoring this today, let know if any issues are faced… @SunnytHeTrader @Jigar @Shivakumar @AKR11292

Hello Sir,
Today it was better than earlier, will post feedback if anything is seen on this,

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