Chart trading SL Limit order via plus button (Instant order)

I wish to place an option buying SL-LIMIT order on breakout of previous candle so I tried to put the order via clicking PLUS button near right margin of chart but orders are getting rejected due to no difference in buffer price between LIMIT PRICE and STOP PRICE. How to set a predefined buffer price so that I could instantly and quickly place SL-Limit while scalping.


Hi @bharti,

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At this moment, you need to select “create new order” option by selecting plus icon to place SL-Limit order. Noted your feedback for pre-defined values.

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Right, that can be done by selecting “Create new order” but it’s not an instant/quick/one click order as it takes a bit of time, while scalping on 1 minute time frame chart it’s very challenging to do it manually. If possible please add this feature as it would help lots of quick scalpers.

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Hi @bharti

We have this feedback and will surely explore the possibilities to enhance your product experience.


Hi @bharti for this use-case you should use direct trading from charts on and enable instant orders in chart settings. Most scalpers on Dhan do that.

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Buy/Sell button works well for instant market order but I wish to place a quick SL Buy order above previous candle high so that in no time after b/o of previous candle the order could be executed

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very very very much in need of this… SL Trigger order can’t be placed while we use instant orders feature. we can’t add SL trigger order through “+ sign” , even if we know our SL or want to add quick SL to our Scalping trade…

everytime we have to wait and pray god my internet doesn’t disconnect , Dhan order management don’t reject my order when my SL price trigger , i must click my Buy/Sell button quickly. otherwise we need to open order window separately where we type SL trigger price & execution price everytime. which is not fair for scalping trades specially when we are using instant order feature for buying , why not quick orders for SL trigger orders ??? The big and genuine question !

plz fix this as soon as possible or introduce this feature at earliest… :pray: :heart: plz team…

Hi @Varsha777

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion. We will certainly notify you if this is planned.

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