ChatGPT on Dhan

is it possible to integrate ChatGPT with Dhan trading platform. Since ChatGPT does an awesome job for algos & company background information.
You might say that you’re already providing fundamental data & other stuff, so why need it?
Yes, ChatGPT doesn’t provide that. But in case if I have to look for any company related news, I have to do research on Google. Instead, I can do it on ChatGPT.

Could you please look into the matter.
Thank you.

Aritra Sinha.

ChatGPT is trained on data till 2021. It does not have access to latest data.

The free version. If you go for paid version then it is connected to web and trained for specific domain.

I am talking about paid version only.

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Chatgpt is derived from open AI.

OpenAI offers an API service that allows businesses and developers to access more advanced features and larger models, which requires a subscription or payment. You can learn more about OpenAI’s API service on their website.

Not necessarily, it has to be ChatGPT. It can be FinChat too. Though FinChat is infused with data from U.S companies. But it’s a good start.

Link: FinChat - ChatGPT AI for Finance |

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Thanks for sharing the link. Yeah it’s a good start.

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I believe we are still in the very early stages of ChatGPT to be incorporated onto our systems, and as @gegobyte rightly mentioned the trained data is till 2021, then setting up and building a system that will learn, build and product results will take a lot of our efforts.

Though thanks for suggesting a use case where chatgpt can be of help. I also feel that maybe AutoGPT would also be of much use to the systematic/algo traders.

Here’s an ongoing discussion on AutoGPT v/s Algo Trading here.

Looking forward to your views.

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