Closed: Bug in Live Markets Scanner

When you click on a stock that is shown in the live markets scanner it will provide you options to buy sell or view charts. If you choose T.view chart a new window opens, but before the chart even loads it will redirect you to the login page which is annoying. I tried login again and then tested clicking on chart option again, but same result.
Nothing wrong happens when you click on “Charts” which will open in same window. Kindly fix this bug.

Hi @jay

I just tried this, and it all seems to be be OK.

We did a big update recently to TradingView (Feature Updates: TradingView on Dhan is now much better), suggest you to do a hard refresh of browser and try.

PS: Also try TradeOnCharts with TV icon in watchlist and let us know if you are facing same issue on that side.

Strange, because I tried re-login and browser change yesterday. However I am not facing this bug anymore. It is working fine today.

It is working fine for me. No problem at all.