Closed Positions PnL With Charges

Hey @PravinJ ,

At present, Dhan (and most of the other brokers) shows PnL without charges as following.

However, a good trader shall always keep a check on trading expenses in order to ensure over trading doesn’t eat up a good amount of profits. If you can show the Net PnL after the charges, it will help the trading community a lot while trading.


Yes @Redd , picture with charges is created by me.


Must have feature request! :star_struck:

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Hey @pushpa

Nice of you to now start designing for Dhan :slight_smile: Really appreciate your efforts to make Dhan better.

It will be really really difficult to show this in positions, simply because till the time exchange settlement file is not received and processed, anything we show as Net P&L will only be a guesstimate. We only get settlement files by evening in post market hours, and commodity segment after midnight.

But we won’t disappoint you - I know this is important, and we will build something in this direction - that solves your need and also finds way thru how operations work under the radar.


Hey @PravinJ ,

In the world of investing and trading, everything is guesstimate. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe trader community would be more than happy to have charges header marked with * and showing footer note for the same. I’m sure 99% of the time, difference between guesstimate and actual is going to be very minimal.

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You are very kind with your words :slight_smile:

I really wish it was that easy, there are multiple scenarios of say… short delivery, exchange penalties, carry over positions, hedging, pledge benefits, and so on. If it was possible, we would have surely done it quick :slightly_smiling_face:

We will build something on this lines soon. We do have many requests from users for it now.