Colleterial securities accepted by dhan

@PravinJ hai , which securities i need to have in demat to pledge and BUY OPTION , in intraday buy option anything like 50:50 requirement is there or any interest please clarify

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Hi @riyas2831 @amit @imani45

We have updated and enhanced limits for ETFs here, updated post here:


Hi Dhan,
Compare to zerodha, dhan gave very low collateral benefits, we can compare excel sheet with approved security list of collateral. dear dhan reconsider this issue, thanks

Hi @kalaimr

Risk policy decisions are made based on comfort of respective risks teams… its never a competition here, at least not from our end - we don’t see it that way. There are many benefits that we provide that many other broking platforms won’t.

If there is a specific scrip or few ones that you have a view, request you to drop a line to us on or (this comes to me as well) and we will evaluate. We do update it from time to time.

Sir Is Nippon India ETF Nifty IT can be pledged ? Please let me know with the haircut percentage.