Coming soon - External Portfolio Tracking on Dhan!

Hello Investors and Traders,

We are soon going live with external portfolio tracking on Dhan. You can track all your holding across different brokers on Dhan in 1 tap :fire:

Here’s a preview for our community :point_down:



Thanks for sharing.

Linked to this feature I’ve got another feature idea for trader protection.

This feature implementation is possible only at the NSE’s (and SEBI’s) end. Let’s say I’ve opened an intraday options position on Zerodha Kite. This open position should be visible across all brokers where I have my active trading accounts.

Now, due to unforeseen circumstances Zerodha’s server goes down and I’m not able to close this position on Kite app then I should be able to close it on say Dhan app.

Now, say after few minutes (/hours) Kite app is back again then it will check the position status with NSE (position is closed) and Kite app will display the same.

Kite app can charge 20/- for opening position and Dhan 20/- for closing that position.

This will need some technical work and research but if we give a serious thought then this is surely a possible and practical feature.

@PravinJ @Dhan

Amazing. Loved this idea. And I feel, this would be another industry first!

By the way, is it also coming to Dhan Web?

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Hi bro the issue you address is solved by SEBI just Google Nse circular reference no : 35/2023


Hi @Rohitsingh - Yes, I already know this. If given option between NSE website and broker apps to carry out this function then I would definitely opt for broker apps. Since they’re easily accessible within 1 sec via mobile devices and much faster to use.

Another issue might arise while using centralized NSE portal is that let’s say there are currently 10 lakhs open position on Kite. Now, kite goes down. Those lakhs of members would rush to this central system to square-off their open position and this will put a very heavy load on those square-off servers.

On the other hand if brokers has this functionality then that traffic gets split up across different brokers since not all those members will be using a same broker app to close their position.

This functionality will be very useful but it will take years before it’s introduced until this idea hits engineers at NSE.

Meanwhile, let’s hope NSE’s square-off servers can handle that much load. Also, an exclusive mobile app is needed from NSE for easy access.

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Yes got your point brother yes hope for best that nse server will handle load​:crossed_fingers::grimacing: