Commodity brokerage charges - regarding

The other charges for commodities are showing very high in Dhan brokerage calculator. For example,

Crudeoil 6500 PE, I bought it at 61.9 and sold it at 60.9. So, the loss would be Rs. 100, and if we include the brokerage and other charges, it should come around Rs. 150 to Rs. 160. But Dhan brokerage calculator shows it as Rs. 1056.02.

All the other brokers are having lesser charges for commodities (around Rs. 50 to 60 as brokerage and charges).

I’m having a feeling that I’m losing my money.

Please help!

Hi @sooraj sorry for the inconvenience. This should not have happened. Will get this checked and update you personally once it is resolved. Until then would request you to use our “Transaction Estimator” on Dhan App or Web.

Thank you for the reply.

The transaction estimator is showing brokerage and charges around Rs. 30 for Buy trade. So, a buy and a sell order should bring about Rs. 60 as charges, which is fine.

The brokerage calculator freaked me out.

I request you to take the necessary steps to rectify the errors in the brokerage calculator.

Thank you again.

@sooraj we have updated the Brokerage Calculator. Please check and let us know if you have any more queries :innocent:

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I’ve checked that, and now, it is fine :grinning: