Commodity Trading Experience on Dhan - Simple, Smooth, & Seamless!

Over the past 12 months, we have been building an incredible experience for Super Traders in India - while we continue to say that and communicate that for largely F&O traders in the equity segment.

What we have not done yet, is to let our users know that we have been extending the same incredible experience for traders in the Commodities segment on MCX. So here is a quick post to let Super Traders on Dhan know more about this.

The first step to building an incredible commodity trading experience has always been to ask - how can we make this simple? Because simplicity can be the most valuable and effective principle to build a product that’s reliable. The second, of course, is to evaluate the usefulness of a feature or product.

On Dhan, our Super Traders have a single account to trade in popular MCX commodities as well as other segments like currency, equity, futures, and options. This is simple and useful because:

  • It’s seamless - there’s no need to switch between multiple accounts and allocate funds or margins to trade in commodities
  • Margin benefits from the instant pledge of portfolio can be used across segments, yes - including commodities.

Let’s start with discovery and market insights for Commodities Trading on Dhan. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of all popular commodities like Aluminium, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, and much more.

That said, it wouldn’t be a Dhan product if our commodity experience didn’t have industry-first features:

1. Trade from Charts for Commodities with All Popular Indicators

Charts are the cornerstone of many commodity traders’ strategies. Given that’s the case, we decided to team up with every trader’s favorite charting platform - TradingView on

What this partnership means for you is simple - you can trade commodity futures and options directly from TradingView Charts right on Dhan! Our team worked hard to ensure that your commodity experience on charts is similar to the Native TV Console experience and we’re glad to know that many of you like it.

There are added bonuses too. You can access Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and hundreds of other popular indicators for free while trading commodity F&O (which isn’t available on the Native TradingView experience).

What if we told you there’s more? If you right-click on charts, you’ll notice “options chain” and “futures chain”. Yes, you’re right - you’ll be able to access the Options Chain and Futures Chain directly from charts!

Try it out: Dhan + Tradingview

P.S.: The same charting experience is available for you across all Dhan platforms - Dhan App, Options Trader App, Dhan Web and also TradingView by Dhan (

2. Advanced Option Chain with Greeks

We took the option chain and made it better for you! You can trade commodity calls and puts directly from the Option Chain with the added benefit of viewing Greeks side by side. Speaking of options, you’ll love the next feature!

3. Instant Margin on Option Buying / Selling for Commodities

Remember how we mentioned that having one account for all segments has benefits? This is one of them! Pledge the shares in your demat account to get instant margin for commodity options buying on Dhan!

You can use the benefit to never miss a trading opportunity. Moreover, your Dhan account enables you to use the margin obtained via pledge for trading in other segments as well. Pledge benefit is available on 1450+ stocks.

If you are a trader on all segments, you can use the pledge benefit margin on Dhan in the day while trading on NSE/BSE and in the evening for trading in commodities on MCX.

4. Manage Positions Seamlessly for Commodities

The hallmark of a good trader is to manage positions wisely. A single screen that contains all your positions and related tools & information can make the process of managing open positions easier. That’s what you get on Dhan.

You’ll be able to view all your open positions on commodities in one screen with incredible features like:

  • Track the market and your positions in one screen
  • Reverse or exit positions in one tap
  • Buy more with Single-Tap
  • Add a Stop Loss or Trailing Stop Loss

5. 15-Minutes Built-Up Data for Commodities

Trade better with access to useful information related to futures and options like:

  • Trading Zone
  • Price Range
  • Open Interest (OI)
  • OI Change (%)
  • Fresh Square-Off
  • Traded Contracts

These are just some of the top features that make the commodity trading experience on Dhan incredible. Did you know that there are also a ton of small but powerful features designed for our Super Traders?

  • Basket Orders: Execute all your strategies for the same or different commodity F&O
  • Forever Orders: With OCO for sell-side target and stop-loss orders
  • Trader’s Diary: Your own personal journal for tracking your trades and observations
  • Trader’s Control: Alerts for overtrading and loss with a kill switch to stop overtrading on a bad day

Speaking of special, we launched an app built specially for India’s F&O traders called Options Trader by Dhan! The goal of the app is simple - to bring the best F&O experience for Super Traders on mobile. You can check it out here:

P.S.: We will soon launch a full-blown web version of the Options Trader platform.

If you’re new to the world of commodity trading and would like to get started the right way, these are some of our resources you can explore:

:scroll: Learn Fundamentals of Commodity Market: A course by long-time commodities trader and Dhan’s COO Jay Prakash Gupta for our sister brand!

:film_projector: Commodity Trading For Beginners in Stock Market Explained: A walkthrough of how you can get started in the commodity market from our YouTube Channel!

:brain: How to Start Commodity Trading: If you like reading, then this blog is for you! Read it to understand how you can begin trading commodities in India.

While we’ve given you a snapshot of what we’ve done, we’d like to assure you that we’re just getting started - there’s much more coming your way soon! We will continue to listen, understand, and build what’s best for you - our awesome Super Traders!

Shriram S


Please add the following too

  1. Commodity fno trading via Tradingview webhook
  2. Commodity future order placement from native tradingview

Hi Dhan folks,

Is there a plan to integrate the Dhan’s Commodity trading with the similar to equity trading?

Dhan recently integrated it.

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