Configured Watchlist

Dear Dhan Team,
Pls find the configured watch-list from FYERS Broker web version.

This saves a lot of time in the fast paced option trading intraday trading market.

We need this on Dhan web also. Find the screenshot below.

Apart from easy peasy and fast approach for traders, what makes it more valuable ??

You can sort the list by “volume” instantly give you which strike / where big traders are trading…

Hey @RajeshK ,

You’ll find what you’re looking for over here.

@Vishk519 No ,
Its not the same, the thing which you have mentioned is the list of index constituents, where as in my screen shot see that the option sticke are pre configured as a watch list.

Oh, my bad.

But Option chain is a better way to access strikes in my opinion, Finding a specific strike in that long list will be confusing.

@PravinJ @Naman @Sameet

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@Vishk519 You can choose not to use that feature.

But many including myself find it fast and convineint.

agree this watchlist is very easy and time saver

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