Contract note misleading and it’s incorrect for April 6th


I have taken one position on April 5th and I closed it on 6th with loss of 6-7k .but it’s posted as 14k loss in traders dairy and contract note received on mail is not showing the actual profit /loss but showing margin used and margin released
I have tried to regenerate contract note for april6th but it’s not sending any email

Something is incorrect for sure

I demand to share contract notes for April 5th and April 6th from your side …bcoz I suspect money debit is not correct from your side

Hi @Simhachow Welcome to Dhan community. For specific queries about your account, request you to get in touch with Customer Service team at

Trader’s Diary always shows realised positions for that period, and contract notes as per regulations show trades for that day. More on how Trader’s diary works is here: Everything You Need to Know About Trader’s Diary

Thanks for the response
I am in touch with help@ but why am not able to download contract note for April6th