Convert mtf to delivery

Is it possible to convert MTF holding into Delivery? If so, how it will work? What will be the possible charges for the same? Kindly advise.

Hi @Diljith welcome to Dhan community!

In order to convert your MTF holdings to delivery kindly drop an email at with the quantity and scrip details.

Please note, sufficient margin should be maintained for MTF conversion.

Dear Madam ,

Well noted and many thanks for the prompt response! I would to have more clarity on the same,

For egs:,

  1. I bought a share at 100 RS , 100 qty. Now its trading at 110 . So how much margin i need to keep in my account for converting it (10,000 or 11,000). ?
  2. What are conversion charges ?
  3. How many days it will take ?

Hi @Diljith,

We have answered your queries below :

  1. For conversion you need to maintain funds as per the buy price.
  2. There are no charges for conversion.
  3. It will take approx 24-48 working hours.

Dear Madam ,

Well noted and many thanks for the support!

@Diljith you can now easily convert MTF to delivery on your own. Read more here - LIVE: Now Convert your MTF Holdings to Delivery