Cover Order Vs Bracket Order

While placing cover order both legs of my order are placed simultaneously , however, in bracket order, leg 2 and leg 3 are placed only when leg is triggered, dont understand why is that, i as a trader prefer simultaneous order placement in bracket order as well.

Hi @tarun101,

Bracket order and Cover order is placed along with the main order in the same order form. You can refer the video here - Bracket Order on Dhan & Cover Order on Dhan

@Poornima the question is -

In the cover order both orders are sent to exchange at the same time vs in bracket order only leg 1 is sent to exchange and leg 2 and 3 are sent only if leg 1 is executed, why is that

PFA screenshot for reference

Hi @tarun101 These orders go in an exchange prescribed format. Bracket / Cover orders formats cannot be changed by us. To achieve what you are suggestion, will request you to check Draft Orders that you can place as you would like to.

More about Draft Orders here: Introducing Draft Orders - Create Orders now and Execute them whenever you want!