Cross-hair syncing problem in saved layouts


I have been facing cross-hair syncing issue in saved layouts on for quite long now.

The issue arises when you have saved layouts for MWDH155 like the image posted below:

If you see in the above image, the cross-hair is on the last 15 min candle and that is being synced with M, W, D, H but NOT 5 MIN CHART (as the cross-hair is present on 5 min).

So, this is the issue and this arises when we have saved layouts. I have tried different browsers and different laptops/PCs but this arises in most of them.

This issue clears up when we delete the saved layout and save it again.

Just to be clear, let me shift the cross-hair to 5 min and you’ll see that cross-hair syncs on all the timeframes except 15 min:

Request you to please check this issue up.

Hi @Shally,

We are getting this checked and will update you soon.

Hi @Shally,

We would like to connect with you on google meet to understand and resolve your concerns.

Let us know the convenient time and we will connect to address this. Looking forward to the session.