Data Bars missing on 1 min TF

Observed data bars missing on 1 min TF when switching between instruments i.e. nifty to BNF and vice versa.

Can you please look into this issue. Attached is the image for the same.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Shinde.


Hi @anupshinde936,

When you switch one scrip to another, the candle bar (OHLC) will be formed as per the live LTP.

In this case, we recommend you to refresh once after the candle has been formed.

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ That is not the solution, we keep on changing the script every now and then. You cant expect us to keep refreshing charts after every time we change script. On Trading View and other platforms this issue does not occur. I think you need to fix the problem. Refreshing the chart is not solution. Rest of the functionality of Dhan is great but this issue is really annoying and makes it difficult to trade.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Shinde.

Posted this on another thread today:

When a chart is opened in the middle of a timeframe (say a minute) - the open price picked for that candle is the first tick that is received when the chart opens. The next candles are formed as per the full time-frame of that period as one is on the chart at that moment.

If you reset / refresh the page or chart, the candle on which the first tick was received gets OHLC from the server and it will correct based on it. This is how charting softwares works everywhere. It’s super easy to replicate this on any options chart or rather any, and you will see same behaviour across 8 out of 10 times.

Will post a detail post on how charts and charting systems work.

@PravinJ, you may be right, but I have never seen this behavior with Trading View Chart. We keep changing the script several times, refreshing the after every switch would be cumbersome and can impact scalper.

Can you please re-look into it ? Because I am 100% sure that this issue is not caused on trading view because when this issue started happening I used trading view chart and I did not see this issue there.

Again, I am not trying to highlight issues about Dhan, experience till now has been quite well. Interface is superfast as suggested, Dhan community is very active and concerns are answered, Dhan TV is advanced and overall its one of the best platform.

Thanks & Regards,
Anup Shinde.

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hey, we are always open to ideas and suggestions. Infact Dhan gets better with all these suggestions, we will check this again and see how it is goes.

Hi @anupshinde936 ,

Good to hear that you’re liking Dhan Community. A small news, we are in the process of making it better.

Do keep on contributing to the community :smiley: