Data Discrepancy in Chart (candle high and order execution price)

Namaste @PravinJ @shraddha @RahulDeshpande Jee, I hope you all are doing well,
Today I punched 210 qty buying orders of 45700 at market price at 9.35 and orders executed at 9:35:45 of 105 qty each at 175 and 174.95 prices, respectively, with an average price of 174.975. but the 9.35 candle high shows 174.70 in, then how is it possible to execute the order outside the high of the candle? And secondly, if there is any data discrepancy between the exchange and @Dhan chat then how reliable dhan chat is ?and thirdly, are team @Dhan will take necessary steps to improve accuracy in such cases.
this is not a complain rather it is my observation and feedback for @Dhan team to make our platform better and more accurate in the coming days.
all screenshots are attached for your reference

Hi @DebadattaMahakud This is very normal and will happen across all charts. The candle stick simply represents snapshot of the ticks that were received from exchange server. It will happen that in that particular time frame the ticks or snapshot did not capture the price range for that period.

We have explained this in full details here - Charts on Dhan: What happens behind the scenes and how Charts work exactly?

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