Data does not refresh in real time

Hello Dhan Team,
Thank you very much for adding more and more features.
However, since I joined, I am insisting to make platform lighter and faster.
Today, I observed strange issue. Data was not refreshing and showing zero value around 5.05 pm.
I did multiple refresh. it took almost a minute to show correct data. It was showing correct value on chart however was showing zero in Open positions
I have observed such issue many times.
For an option trader, speed is more important rather than new features.
Please find screenshot of the issue.

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Hi @mydhanzone

We request you to help us with your registered details via DM or email us at so we can have this checked for your specific case.

Also, you may try hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) once in such scenario.

Hi Sameet,
I already mentioned in my problem description, hard refresh already done.
I never did hard refresh in Zerodha and they never asked me to do such thing as well.
This indicates, Dhan is having some bug which need frequent hard refresh.

I will share registered detail via email.