Delay in chart vs spot

Chart value and spot price value in top of chart is not matching since morning. please check fix the issue

Hi @Sachinkm,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

@Poornima Any update on this ?

Hi @Sachinkm

Our team is working on this to enhance further and it will be updated by the next week.

So @Sameet where should look for correct chart till next week?

Hi @Sachinkm

As discussed on call, our team is working to optimize the same and the prices are showing correct as per the feed received.

Appreciate your understanding.

any update ??? same thing happens in stock at a time of market opening… just make a team which observe few stock options… mark the High low prices in chart & mark the high low prices in sidebar where it shows day’s activity. (here i am talking about Tv.dhan) plz let us know , when these things will be fixed ?

Hi @Varsha777

This has been already updated from our end, we request you kindly check

If you still face the same kindly help us with more details at so we can assist you accordingly