Depth control on positions

Hi, On the positions tab, please add Depth control adjacent to other floating controls. Please see the attached snapshot.

Justification: We need to check the bid/ask and high/low price before placing the order. It is a pain to either go to watchlist or option chain to view the bid/ask/high/low price information.

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The i button is redundant, since the row itself is clickable.

Options Chain button is also unavailable, which can provide a quick redirect.

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Hi @smitnk We have seen users mostly using market depth on the right hand side - in the watchlist. Also its available on the manage positions tab for every scrip.

@amit Option Chain button will come only on options contract. To put up a query - additional query to determine if an position is a options contract or not is an additional expense. Will slow down the positions significantly.

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It is not there in the positions tab, please refer the snapshot in my original post.

@amit I believe you are asking to add the option chain button control.

In Zerodha, I can directly see the “Market Depth” option. another useful feature is “Add to MarketWatch”. These two are very useful for active traders. Kindly request you to implement the same.

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I get that you can see the depth using the “i” button.

Another request would be to add the price alert button from the positions tab. Right now that is only avl via watchlist.

So, basically two requests for adding of controls:

  1. Add to Market watch
  2. Set Price alert


Thanks !


There is neither “i” button or “depth” button on the Orders tab. Can we include either of them to see the ask/bid.

Please provide 3 options from both positions and order tab either directly or via “i” button.

  1. Depth
  2. Price alert
  3. Add to watchlist

Icing on the cake would be the option chain for FNO stocks/indices.

Kindly request your acknowledgement.

Thanks !

Hi @smitnk

Thanks for sharing awesome feedback. We will sure try to explore how we can enhance the ‘i’ button.

i only need , Add price alert (feature) option , directly from positions tab.

depth can be seen via either i button or via watchlist’s depth button , add to watchlist is helpful and would be nice but it’s manageable as we can press “i” button & quickly copy script name nd paste to desired watchlist (why i am mentioning manageable because adding all options into the positions , may make it slow or heavy)

The behavior is different for positions tab and order tab. It needs to be consistent and all controls need to be available either via “i” button or individual controls.

Positions tab:

Order tab:

Thanks @smitnk, feedback noted. We will try to make this consistent or close to it. Manage Positions and Orders both are treated differently on our systems and menus are added based on what actions are done by users. Will evaluate this.

@PravinJ can we have the context buttons of “price alert”, “depth”, “add to watchlist” for entries in positions and orders soon ?

Nope, any additional operations on positions and orderbook makes the load time of these slow. While we add features, we want to ensure Dhan continues to be fast and seamless.

Sad to know that this will not happen. It kind of restricts the speed of punching orders when market moves swiftly. Is there any plan to launch terminal based application ?

Hi @smitnk Having said that this is for Web. On Apps, for both apps you have market depth on Order Placement Window and also on the depth is available in side panel