Dhan back office

does dhan has back office login system like in upstox .rskv. and in zerodha console.there we can login and check our portfolio,liqid bees fraction shares are not visible in web portfolio,
as iam new to dhan tell me how to check my fractional shares of liquid bees in dhan ,without going to cdsl

Hi @dhan130980 welcome to Dhan community!

We do have all the statements & reports available on both app & web portal. As of now, the fractional shares are not visible in the holdings statement and in portfolio. In case you wish to view the same then do let us know.

How to redeem the fractional units of Liquidbees directly with thee Nippon AMC? (off-market transfer)

At some point of time I will write a detailed post on this. Just a quick note for now - long back traditional brokers or rather most of the brokers used to assemble systems and offer them to traders. Apps were provided by certain vendors, trading systems and terminals by some vendors and backoffice was provided by another set of vendors. Brokers used to white-label these solutions and offer a login to that via its interface, and thats how third offices came into existence.

We are building Dhan as in integrated experience. Our focus has been core trading experience and continues to be for a while. We are updating our reports and capabilities with time by introducing enhancements, and updates. Would we have a dedicated system for all reporting at some point in future - yes, for now we will be focussed on scaling up our trading systems and building a lot of capabilities to enhances trading experience of users.

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