Dhan bot on telegram

So guys I guess you have to get your hands on telegram now. As telegram is one of the most popular thing among traders so I recently discover so many bots on telegram which scan real time data and run various scan directly on chat. Its really cool like you can get most active contracts top gainers for a day top losers nifty draggers and pullers etc there are many other scans as well if you got any plans on this let us know
or you can enhance your existing screener ig


Hi @omkar We will avoid that, its not our core business to manage Telegram channels - we have only one official channel that we use to keep our community on Telegram updated.

For users of Dhan - all the information including Live Scanners are available on Dhan web + Options Trader app : Introducing: Live Market Scanners on Dhan

Few users also follow our handle on Twitter where we publish limited scans: https://twitter.com/DhanLive