Dhan chart false data issue

video should tell the problem

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Very well explained!

When a chart is opened in the middle of a timeframe (say a minute) - the open price picked for that candle is the first tick that is received when the chart opens. The next candles are formed as per the full time-frame of that period as one is on the chart at that moment.

If you reset / refresh the page or chart, the candle on which the first tick was received gets OHLC from the server and it will correct based on it. This is how charting softwares works everywhere. It’s super easy to replicate this on any options chart or rather any, and you will see same behaviour across 8 out of 10 times.

Will post a detail post on how charts and charting systems work.

how this issue solved in fyers chart??
may be auto refresh happens so data will be fix itself

Hey, I myself tried this in other brokers before I posted this, was able to replicate 4 out of 5 times. Will write a detailed post on how charts work and what users should keen in mind when trading on charts.

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Hey @kabzz99 ,

May be if you can divide your screen in two applications (Dhan and any other) and perform a similar screen recording, it can help in better understanding of the 1MIN chart behaviour within the context of more than one application.

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next time will do that for sure sir

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