Dhan Charting Problem - Different highs on different time frames only on Dhan

Verified on other platforms and for them the data seems to be accurate

You are absolutely 101% correct. Dhan charting has some issues i have mentioned this issue earlier.
As you can see on daily time frame i have marked 7065 horizontal line as day high of the stock but according to 5 min TF 7065 level hasn’t reached. I dont know how people were trading on multiple time frame analysis ? But on original tradingview data are correct.

Dhan Tradingview

Original Tradingview

Upstox TradingView


Mostly stocks data are not accurate.

Left - Original Tradingview
Right - Dhan Tradingview

Hi @Devil & @Pradhan,

We have a detailed post on charts here, exchange processes millions of transactions every day but as an industry standard, only a snapshot of such transactions/ticks is sent by the exchanges to the data feeds or market tick by tick data, which results in the end user seeing the price of the stock / instrument as an LTP. We show this OHLC data in daily candle as per the exchange data.

Moreover, here is the intra-day chart data for the same scrip on NSE for today, where the high captured in first 5 minutes (09:17) is same as per our charts.


Additionally, you can see that the intra-day chart does not show the day high listed at the top. This is due to the fact that charts at NSE follow the same concept, showing snapshots of transactions rather than each individual transaction.

Like you said today high was 7065 as nse show the same data

But i have query regarding stoploss — as an swing trader where should i keep my stoploss order whether on daily tf or at 5/15 min.

Because for an trader - multiple time frame analysis is the key for perfect trading setup.

As an 15min chart says different story and on daily tf says different story.
As per price action theory trader always punch order on small time frame (entry & sl ) in this case 15/5min

I just want to understand how is it different in Dhan and not for other brokers?