Dhan charts are unreliable

Hi @Naman
I have one question regarding this. Is this limit set by exchange or by Dhan please?

Hi @pratik01

This limit is set by us. There are other rate limits set by exchange on brokers as well. We have kept this rate limits to avoid any misuse of API and throttle our services.

Do this need any review about Dhan ? Dhan should stop advertising on few features and should focus on stability.

Do we need to give more proof?

Atleast try to accept your fault. They said it was intermediate internet issue what kind of answer is that?
It happened twice in this month really frustrating

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Exactly that’s what i have told them that 1 minute is enough to lost all the capital and that also twice in a month i don’t i don’t know if this happens every day as i juat tried scalping for 2 days and those two went in loss due to lags and order execution. it was more than 7 to 8 minutes when they fixed after i contacted them on twitter. i did video called dhan and sent video proof what more do they need ? They will gain long term investors but i don’t think they will gain day Trader or scalpers if app lags this much and it was just Dhan App, it was same with Dhan Web and Option Trader app. They need to provide stable app than Only focusing on new features and App design. Hope they will work on this issue ASAP @Dhan @Dhan_Help .

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Hi @deep90s ,

Thanks for your concern and going on a video call with us we have noted down all your concerns and feedback, be assured we working on it.

Also, hi @Light we would like to understand if theres any particular issue you have been facing that needs to be addressed soon as well. Our team has tried to reach you multiple times on call to understand the concern and to setup a video call if need be on urgent basis. We had a brief conversation in this chat, we are still waiting for an appropriate time from your end, We will really appreciate if you can take out some precious time and walk us through the issues you are facing too.

Please note that, we appreciate that you are helping other community members by escalating their issues and bringing to our attention, but without knowing the details of the concerns being faced by you we wont be able to help you out and in turn not getting a chance to improve our platforms based on your feedback.

Help us with your time to help you out :slight_smile:

Yes It’s Has A Problem Of Not Loading At Time.
Last Week I Made A Huge Loss Because I Couldn’t Access Chart Because Some Error occurred In Server. I am sure that Dhan Needs To Solve This Solutions Because We Are Facing So Much Issues. It Says It’s Lightning Fast But It’s Tubelight Is Gull… Dhan Should Improve Its App & Web Version As Fast As Possible…

About Proof I want To Tell Dhan That This Issues Occurred In That Time When We Are Handling Our Losses So We Just Try To Solve And Try To Cut Losses At That Time So That Time We Can’t Make Video’s And Take Screenshot Or Collect Other Proof On That Crazy Situation…

I Hope You Understand Dhan Community & Dhan Management… Please Solve This Issues As Fast As Possible… At Your Lightning Fast Speed…

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Hi @Light, we have hundreds of users on our platform every single day and seeing millions of trades going every month now. We want everyone to have a seamless experience and which is why we want to see on a live call or atleast understand the perspective. Every single user raising any issue matters to us, and we want to resolve that. @deep90s issue I have seen and it was a connectivity related issue when road goes in transit, it’s different from what you seem to have mentioned. Our idea of running a open community it to ensure we build Dhan with our users. Thanks for the screenshot, we will figure our details and check logs for your account. @RahulDeshpande will connect and understand with you over a call.

Hi @Prajeshsoni - Noted. Yes last week one of our charting servers was lagging in response, it was immediately resolved in few minutes.

Hi @Light - We just checked, unfortunate that you used multiple handles on the forum across posts. If there is an issue you have, please talk to us and we will resolve. Our team will connect with you irrespectively and address the concerns.

But Just Because Of You I Had To Take Huge Loss. And Let Me Tell You Its Was Not Resolved In Minutes… It Took Time To Resolve…

Please Make Sure That This Problem Not Occure Next Time.

Hoping For Good Journey…

You left no chance to reply. Their readymade reply to any issue is “Exchange sends us data. Exchange is sending us wrong data and Zerodha is getting right data. Exchange wants DHAN to fail” :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the one the issue with Dhan chart.

  • 5min time frame
  • This problem can only be visible only if we reload or open chat during 1st one minute of every 5min candle
  • After 1 min it will be corrected, only if we reload
  • Problem here is: open will be changing on each reload
  • Explanation and video is enough to understand
  • Compared it with other brokers, they don’t have this issue
    2023-01-25 12-25-13.mkv - Google Drive

This issue is not new. They will not accept it. In the end they will blame us. This is the last try.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande
Today after 2:30 options chats candles where not forming. This is a serious issue.

Lets put a case on NSE, bloody exchange are not sending correct quotes hence these errors.

That may not be the case. As all other brokers are getting correct data.

I don’t think so.
For every error, @PravinJ has been blaming exchange. So this could be truth.

Hi @sharu_john ,

This is fixed. Please do check on friday and let us know. I personally will actively check the systems too on friday.

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I am facing same issue too. Provided screen recording as proof for more then four times but, Dhan support team doing nothing on it. Always give fake assurance that they are working on it but there no improvement. Dhan doesn’t care about there customer.

Not only Dhan wed hangs but Dhan app also hangs frequently specially when market is very volatile. complained many times about this also provided screen recording but they don’t fix it.