Dhan charts are unreliable

Hi @dhan_sky

Have reached out to you in DMs asking for registered dhan email id. We will go through the videos shared by you again and if need be would like to get on a video call as well to try to resolve the issues ( if any) at earliest.

Please also for real-time help, feel free to reach out to us on 022-48906273 or Live Chat directly from the app.

Please be assured that all the issues that are highlighted to us are taken into utmost consideration and we try to resolve it as earliest as possible. Customer experience is at the core of our whole team :slight_smile:

Hi @I_am_Anonymous

Please check this.

Hi @Naman

From Dhan.co, it appears that if you got dhan account, then TV Premium features is available, is that true or not ?. What do I need to do to get 1 sec timeframe or use community scripts on TV ?


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Hi @gpradeep,

The integration with TradingView is free. The features you can access will be as per your TradingView plan.

Thanks JayK, that explains it. It was very cleverly featured and marketed on dhan.co - if you signup with dhan.co then you get TV Premium free - I should have thought so. Guess will close dhan account at the earliest. Thanks again.