Dhan Charts different from others

Here is the chart of Aarti Drugs from Trading view, a famous broker and Dhan.
First 5 minutes low got taken out only in Dhan.



Another broker:

Noticed that all OHLC values for all three charts are different.

candles marked are different on the 2nd and third chart hence the OHLC values are different. The structure itself is different on Dhan’s chart.

Check today’s first 5 mins candle on Dhan, TV and any other broker, you will know the issue.

When Dhan is using TV for its charting, how the charts are different?

Trading view only provides library. Data has to be purchased either from Exchanges or from authorised vendors.

I have also observed this bit on so many occasions that Dhan’s OHLC values would be different than others. To which Pravin ji has explained over and over that “Exchanges send snapshot of OHLC data and which might be different for different brokers” (paraphrased).

Though it is difficult to process this logically that why only Dhan’s snapshot would be different.

@PravinJ - Why only Dhan’s snapshot is different and others have similar data? Please try to fix this since we won’t be able to trust Dhan’s data while trading.